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To our valued shoppers:

We made a big mistake for which we sincerely apologize. We inadvertently sent a couple of “old” payment batches to PayPal, which were previously paid 9/20/2018. PLEASE find those payments asap and REFUND (don’t use a different transaction type). If your page
lacks a "refund" button, you will need to issue a payment to IntelliShop through PayPal. Please send your payment to immediately, and select “AS A FRIEND”. Sending the payment
“as a business,” will result in a service charge.

Please note: because of the system limitations in both InSite and PayPal, if you are due a payment in the 11/20/2018 batch, we cannot credit the amount against what was accidently sent. We need you to REFUND the erroneous payment first, and then we’ll
issue the payment from 11/20/2018

We will pay all shoppers who:

  1. Have refunded the money received in error.

  2. All other shoppers for October that were due Money and NOT part of the issue.

  3. This money will be paid no later than Tuesday of next week 11/27/2018. This is because we needed to transfer more money to our Pay Pal account and it takes a few days to clear at the bank level.

  4. In the meantime, we will pay out as much as we can based on the availability of funds in our PayPal account. The first payment will be made today 11/21/2018.

We are VERY sorry for this inconvenience, and we THANK YOU very much for your help and cooperation to return the money. Please check your email for further updates

Jim Mihaly