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Please Note: The following message is only in regards to individuals who have registered in our system since November 2017, and still have their SSN verification in "pending" status. If your SSN status reads "verified", then please disregard the message below.

To Our Valued Shoppers:

On behalf of the Intellishop team, I would like to thank you for joining our group. We appreciate and value the quality work that you do for us and our clients. I wanted to bring to your attention a situation that you may or may not be aware of. We are currently having difficult verifying Social Security Numbers with the IRS. It is a problem that we can’t solve ourselves, so we are at the mercy of our platform vendor.

We understand it is not your problem, so we will process payment for shops completed on or before January 31, 2018. Our payment date will be February 20, 2018. We are doing this in good faith and with sincere appreciation for your efforts. Please note that if we encounter any discrepancies when we can verify the social security numbers we may have to contact you at that time additional information.

Once again, we thank you for your service and hope to have you be a regular shopper on our behalf. Please be sure to check for future opportunities at

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We apologize for the delay in the verification of SSNs and EINs through the IRS TIN (Tax ID Number) Matching System.

In December the IRS rolled out a new user verification system and required all users of the TIN Matching System to reverify their identify, including our user account (even though we've been using our account for over a decade). We were repeatedly unsuccessful in re-verifying (the system has a 24 hour lockout after each unsuccessful attempt) and then had 8 phone calls with the IRS' tech support department spanning over 9 hours. Ultimately the IRS admitted that we were using the correct information to verify our account and that there were known bugs in their new system preventing some users from successfully reverifying - unfortunately, until those bugs are resolved, there is nothing they can do to restore access to our account.

While we are waiting for that bug fix, we are also applying for two additional accounts that we can use as backups (or if the bug fix takes an excessive amount of time).

We appreciate the importance of this system for our users and are doing everything we can to restore its functionality and we'll provide updates as they occur.

Managing Partner

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